32 kênh Youtube gây nghiện với người Thông Minh

1. In a Nutshell
Cartoon footage makes learning more interesting and reading.
2. C.G.P Grey
The explanations are understandable and entertaining about politics, geography, and culture.
3. Crash Course
Small but martial arts scientific content and many topics throughout many other fields.
4. Scishow
Discover things you never expected with many interesting scientific topics.
5. HowStuffWorks
A curious “dose” for every day to understand more about the world.
People, stories, and ideas can change your angle.
7. MinutePhysics
Simple explanations for many questions related to physics and many other scientific subjects.
8. MinuteEarth
Science and stories of our wonderful planet.
9. Veritassium
Science channel with many experiments, expert interviews, interesting performances, and discussions with the community about science.
10. Numberphile
If you love numbers, don’t ignore this YouTube channel.
11. SmarterEveryDay
Just like my name, this YouTube channel will give you smarter every day with many scientific topics.
12. Periodic Videos
Video of each chemical substance and chemical problems in general.
13. Sixty Symbols
Learn about physics and astronomical.
Weekly updates of extremely funny and scientifically curious videos.
15. It’s Okay To Be Smart
Great to be smart, we agree with you too!
16. PatrickJMT
YouTube channel with many mathematics-related videos.
17. Bozeman Science
A high school teacher explains scientific problems
18. Computerphile
Video series related to technology and computers.
19. The Game Theorists
If you like to analyze and “chat” about games, this is the place for you.
20. Extra Credits
How games are made, what do they mean and how to make them better, this YouTube channel answers all.
21. The New Boston
Multiple web development tutorials.
22. Mark Crilley
The tutorial videos are very much everything you can imagine.
23. Draw with Jazza
Extremely interesting drawing video.
24. Justinguitar
YouTube channel learns guitar with many styles, techniques and suitable for many levels.
25. HDpiano
Learn to play piano with easy to understand instructions.
26. Every Frame a Painting
Extremely fascinating movie analysis video.
27. Photo Exposed
Photography tips and guidance.
28. Film Riot
Discover the many steps in the process of making a movie.
29. ouLearn
YouTube channel about learning the rich new things of Open University.
30. TED Talks
Inspiring presentations by TED.
TED-Ed – thoroughly selected scientific, educational videos.
31. Smithsonian
Find answers to big questions.
32. Big Think
Explore big ideas that shape knowledge in the 21st century

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